Miracle Cover/Major Trauma Protection

This form of insurance is available as an optional benefit on a Term Life insurance policy or as a stand alone policy.

A trauma payment is likely to be paid should you suffer any of the covered conditions. This could include, but is not limited to: heart attack, stroke, cancer, paraplegia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, chronic liver, lung and kidney disease and many more.

The lump sum could be used to cover debt reduction/elimination and to cover costs related to making lifestyle adjustments, necessary home and/or car modifications, medical treatment costs, work alterations and peace of mind etc.

What are the premiums?

Sample payments as combined policies with Life insurance and Total & Permanent Disability are as follows:

What is Miracle/Major Trauma Cover?

When clients choose a Miracle/Trauma protection cover they automatically receive the following built-in features and benefits. However you can choose the additional premium option payments to add further benefits to the normal plan.

What is covered under Major Trauma/Miracle cover?

Covered listing:

Who can apply?

On a stepped premium basis clients aged 15 to 65, with a level premium basis the range is from age 15 to 60.

What are the built-in benefits?

  • If you suffer from one of the specific noted trauma conditions the company will pay the full or partial amount depending on the condition.
  • There is a 90 day qualifying period, i.e. on commencement the company is at risk normally after 90 days of application.

Partial Payments

This particular option is available with most companies, as an example if there was a trauma condition that was eligible for a partial payment it could be as follows:

  • 20% of the major trauma coverage, sum insured (for example 10% for angioplasty)
  • $100,000 (or $20,000 for angioplasty)

The trauma payment would then be reduced by the partial payment.

Other Options

Limited Death Benefit

If a claim is not able to be made and the client passed away on a standalone trauma plan there would be $10,000.00 paid.

Accommodation Benefit

Some companies provide a payment, usually up to $150 per day, for a maximum of 14 days, for members in the family for accommodation costs should you be confined to a hospital bed due to terminal illness (this particular benefit is usually not available if taken under superannuation arrangements).

Financial Advice Benefit

Financial planning benefit up to the value of $2,000.00, payment to a financial adviser to help you settle the claim.

Other Built-in Features

Life cover buy back option

This simply means that clients can buy back the life insurance cover even though there has been a trauma payout, usually 6-12 months after the claim event has occurred.

Automatic conversion

Other Options at Extra Cost

Double trauma option

This particular option allows you to effectively take up life insurance immediately after you have received a claim for major trauma or miracle cover payment. The life company in question under this particular option would pay for the reinstated life insurance benefit, i.e. the claim paid, for example $300,000 payment then life insurance would automatically come into force and the premium would be covered and paid for by the company for the remaining years of your life.

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