How to avoid placing your family and practice at risk

Death or serious illness can have a devastating impact on family and members of a dental practice particularly if it involves a key partner.

The fallout is even worse if the individual has failed to plan for such an eventually – and that happens far too often.

The modern dentist tends to have complex business and personal financial arrangements that can be a nightmare to sort out if some important measures have not been taken.

To help people avoid such a scenario, financial planner and insurance specialist Tony Anderson has designed a simple step-by-step solution called My Firebox.

He was prompted to act after witnessing first-hand the risks of not being prepared.

“My former business partner, Neil Venhoek, died suddenly and we discovered his will was out of date, we couldn’t find his family trust documents and he had no nominated beneficiary for his superannuation,” Mr Anderson said.

“It took months to sort out causing significant additional grief and costs for his family as well as issues for the business.”

Mr Anderson, the principal of Sensible Insurance Solutions, has developed a questionnaire that covers all areas involving personal and business finances, including succession plans, wills, insurances, superannuation and investments.

We provide support in a coordinating role to help you ensure all your critical paperwork is in order. You retain the Firebox and your original documents and we help you ensure your documents are kept up to date. We ensure summarised copies are sent to your nominated key advisers such as accountants and lawyers.

“It’s a straightforward approach for a potentially complex process and provides protection for the individual, family, business partners and employees,” said Mr Anderson.

My Firebox is being offered to ADA members at a discounted rate of $885.

For more information go to My Firebox or contact us.

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