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We at Sensible Insurance Solutions act a project Manager for you and your family’s important Financial areas of life, In other words we make sure all you and your family’s financial affairs are being well looked after. We offer a combination of in-house services and have a strong referral network to provide complete life Insurance and financial planning packages/services including:

General Assurance Self-managed superfund Financial Broker Property Shares & Stocks Finance &s; Tax Sensible Insurance Solution Wills, Enduring Power of Attorney


Preparing for the unknown.

By protecting your finances and your way of life to help you sleep at night and put your mind at rest.

Protecting your family, and if you are self employed, the employees of your business/practice in the event of …

Loss of income, due to sickness and/or accidents.
Major breakdown, physical and or medical, providing packages to protect against loss of business expenses, mortgage payments, both business related and personal, ongoing school fees and family lifestyle and alike.
Major trauma (eg cancer, heart attack).

When all else goes wrong….. Sensible Insurance Solutions can help you tailor/design the right financial protection for you and your family as well as protect your business assets. Utilising our impartial expertise Sensible can provide for the right needs, at the right time, at the right premium and/or pricing structure and the right product for your needs today.
* Confidentially always.
* Convert the complicated financial world for many people into a simple manageable process.
* Sensible helps solve the money concerns of your life, by coordinating the money People in your lives, ie putting the money jigsaw together.

* Sensible acts as part of your TEAM of key Advisers. We endeavour to work closely with the Legal, Accounting, and General Insurance Broking and Finance Broking Professionals.

* Provide you and your family with financial peace of mind.

What makes our business unique?

* Be part of your financial Team.
* Our major and only goal is to treat people/clients as a priority first, last and always.
* The difference  with SIS/Tony Anderson is the client gets Tony Anderson/SIS.
* Lifetime access to SIS.
* Results: Happy home life, profitable business and a restful and contented client.

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————–31 Main Street, Littlehampton SA 5250

Phone: 0409 092 640


(08) 8231 4709

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Business Information

Sensible Insurance Solutions is a trading name of Centra Private Wealth Pty Ltd (ABN 17 615 673 142) licensed to Tony Anderson.

My FireBox is a trading name of Tony Anderson.


Tony Anderson and Centra Private Wealth Pty Ltd are authorised representatives of Centra Wealth Pty Ltd (AFSL 422704 ABN 39 158 802 450).